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Restoring an old pine table to new

The Pine Table beautifully restored
  • The Pine Table beautifully restored
  • Sanding down the pine table
  • The pine table before treatment
Restoring an old pine table to new

This is a solid pine dining table, the like of which in various forms will be found in many, many homes across the country. As you can see from photo 1 it was a little careworn having seen a hard life of family gatherings with grandchildren being hung off of the edges in their high chairs. The couple who owned this were elderly and wanted the table re-polished to provide a serviceable finish. Because the tabletop was a solid piece of wood we were not only able to provide a serviceable finish we were able to return it to brand new by deep sanding the top removing the accumulated damage. It was re-stained and re-lacquered with a two pack acrylic lacquer providing maximum hardness and the whole job took a little under three hours to complete!