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January 2015
The wooden floor during sanding
Greenwich Flooring

This job was a small area of white painted flooring which my client wanted to return to its original pine look. The rooms were tiny which posed a few problems. We took around a day to sand the floor up and a further day to colour up and lacquer the floor.

January 2015
The woodblock floor after it was cleaned and treated
Country House Drawing Room Floor

Throughout the job the client wanted the originality of this country house to be retained. The drawing room floor had been close carpeted. When this was lifted a superb pitch pine, woodblock floor was uncovered. They absolutely didn’t want the floor sanded as this would obliterate the originality so our brief was to clean the floor, re-seal it and finally wax it. This approach completely fitted in with the...

January 2015
Country House Restored Oak Floor
Country House Kitchen Oak Floor

The brief was to make the floor as hardwearing as possible but as natural as possible! We had to work around the family and could only work when they were away. The Oak flooring was stained then overcoated with very lightly tinted clear lacquer leaving a subtle grey finish.

January 2015
Table before restoration
G Plan Table

This job is very atypical of the type of mid century modern furniture that I quote on. It’s been worked very hard, they tend to get very grubby, are normally cleaned with spray this that and the other which will always degrade the finishes. I was able to strip and clean up the table top and the legs. Despite the photos there was very little physical damage save for a cigarette burn. I relacquered the table with a...

January 2015
The original pine flooring, in a sorry state
Kensington Floor Restoration

These show a before shot and after shot of this Victorian Pine floor. It’s pretty typical of a start point for us, mostly it’s been carpeted, they sometimes have a peripheral stain or painted margin this thankfully didn’t. The floor was thoroughly sanded to a 120 grit before being stained and lacquered.

January 2015
Beautifully Restored Ottoman
Restoring a carved oak ottoman

This item of furniture is a carved Oak Ottoman. With the change of styles it had been painted in white gloss but the owner wanted it to revert back to its natural wood state. After a lot of stripping we were able to produce this as a finished article + one happy client.

January 2015
The Pine Table beautifully restored
Restoring an old pine table to new

This is a solid pine dining table, the like of which in various forms will be found in many, many homes across the country. As you can see from photo 1 it was a little careworn having seen a hard life of family gatherings with grandchildren being hung off of the edges in their high chairs. The couple who owned this were elderly and wanted the table re-polished to provide a serviceable finish. Because the tabletop...

January 2015
Oak Engineered Floor after treatment by The French Polishing company
Oak Engineered floor after treatment.

This floor is an engineered Oak floor which was in a poor state before we sanded and re-lacquered it. There was a substantial sun fade mark across the width of the floor . I warned the client that it wouldn’t necessarily come out; the decorative layer of Engineered boards can be a bit thin and there’s always a chance that they could be sanded through if they’re sanded too hard. Our client was very specific about...

March 2012
Refurbished wood floor
Beautifully Refurbished Furniture &

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